Transport and logistics

Intensive sector specialisation

The transport and logistics sector is not the easiest as investments require relatively greater efforts, compared to other sectors. Really knowing where you stand and where you are aiming to go is essential before making decisions. And that is only possible after a thorough analysis of your organisation and cost structure.

Sector specialist in transport and logistics

Talk to an ING specialist who has professional experience in your field. All his customers operate in your sector and he is at home in the banking world. He adds value to the expansion of your business, because he understands the complexity and challenges of the sector and your problems and needs. He also sees the opportunities ahead of you.




ING commissions transport and logistics studies via its own economic agency and through cooperation with leading experts from the sector on an ongoing basis. In this way, our specialised Relationship Managers stay abreast of the latest developments. As do you, because these studies are also at your disposal.

Contact your ING liaison officer to request the most recent studies.


Being a specialist in the transport and logistics sector? For ING, that also means maintaining new ties with relevant institutes and organisations. And actively supporting them, too.

That is why we sponsor these knowledge centres:


Practical Port-Related and Logistical Trainings


Institute of Transport and Maritime Management Antwerp


Flemish Logistics Institute


Would you like to know more about the added value ING can bring to your transport and logistics company? Contact your ING liaison officer.