Inheritance Insurance

ING Inheritance Insurance

  • Accidental death cover

  • Tailored to your securities account

  • Protection of your assets

Would you like to ensure that your loved ones do not have to dig into their savings to pay the death duties linked to your securities account? Thanks to the compensation provided by ING Inheritance Insurance, your successors can be sure of payment of these death duties!


  • Accidental death cover: your loved ones can pay for your death duties in part or in their entirety thanks to the compensation paid.
  • No medical formalities: you do not have to undergo any medical formalities upon subscription.
  • Combine it with other packages: your beneficiaries can receive compensation from your ING Inheritance Insurance along with other settlements relating to additional savings plans.
  • Small premium: for only 62 euros per year, your successors will receive substantial compensation (min 25,000 euros, max 90,000 euros).

Are you interested in inheritance tax insurance for your securities account?


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