itsme, a new way to log in to Home’Bank

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Step 2: Select

On your Home’Bank / Business’Bank home page, select itsme as your preferred access method and follow the instructions.

Step 3: Enjoy the benefits

From now on, you can log in and sign transactions using your smartphone.

Log into Home’Bank via itsme

What are the benefits?

Alternative to the card reader

The itsme app is the fast and secure way to verify your identity, access Home'Bank and sign your transactions. Think of it as a mobile alternative to the conventional card reader.

Extremely secure

Your unique mobile identity is created using your eID data which is linked to that of your smartphone’s SIM card. That means it is just as secure as a card reader but a lot easier because you always have your smartphone with you.


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These cookies enable us to identify the people who have volunteered to test ING's digital innovations.

When the cookie is installed on your browser, your preference to log in to Home’Bank/Business’Bank via itsme will be recorded. If you regularly delete your cookies or if you use another browser, you will have to reinstall it.

Yes, you can still select how you wish to log in to Home’Bank/Business’Bank: with either a card reader or the itsme app.

When you are logged in to Home’Bank/Business’Bank via itsme, you will also have to sign your transactions via itsme. When you arrive at the screen asking to sign your transaction, a notification will appear in the itsme app. When you display it, more contextual information will appear so that you can identify the transaction and confirm it with your PIN code.

All methods ING offers to access your accounts are secure. Itsme is an alternative to your card reader. Nevertheless, you should always take care when entering your PIN code and make sure that you only sign transactions you have entered yourself.

You are the first to benefit from the advantages of this new access method. As soon as we have refined the service based on your comments, the itsme option will be offered to all ING customers as a way to log in to Home’Bank and sign transactions.