Let customers pay with their smartphone?
All you need is the Payconiq app.

How does Payconiq work?
  1. Customers download the app and link their current account to it. They can then use the app to pay merchants who accept Payconiq.

  2. In order to pay you, your customer simply opens the app and chooses your business from the list of merchants.

  3. You say how much they need to pay.

  4. The customer enters the amount on their smartphone, confirms the payment with their PIN and it’s paid!

What makes mobile payments so convenient?
  • It’s incredibly fast.
  • You can add an extra payment method to your business for very little money.
  • You have less cash in your register, which is safer for you and your customers.
How much does Payconiq cost?

You pay just 6 cents per transaction. There are no monthly fees or setup costs.

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