If you were to die: inheritance explained.

When a loved one passes away, beside the sadness and grief associated with the loss, it is also necessary to sort out lots of administrative steps relating to inheritance. ING is able to help and support you. Below you will find a brief overview of the main points which require your attention. 

Read our brochure for more detailed information on inheritance questions.

Who needs to be informed when someone passes away?

The loss of a loved one unfortunately forces us to undertake a number of administrative processes. It is sometimes difficult to know where to start. Who and what services should be informed first of all? Read more

What happens in practice at ING?

Upon being informed of the death, we will stay by your side to help and support you in the procedures to go through. Our colleagues will help you with the formalities and will respond to all your questions with
professionalism. Read more

How are bills paid?

Upon request of the public notary and/or the heirs, ING can use the estate's funds held with the bank to pay certain bills before the accounts are released. Read more

Which documents need to be provided to release banking assets?

In order to release the estate's accounts, the status of the heir should be proved by presenting an inheritance certificate or deed. This document can be drawn up by a public notary (with fees) or, under certain conditions, by the collector of the registry office (for free). Read more

How to receive the assets held at ING?

Assets may only be surrendered to heirs if the inheritance certificate or deed mentions the absence of fiscal or social security debts for the deceased and their heirs (or that the fiscal or social security debts mentioned in the inheritance certificate/deed have been totally paid). Read more

Who has to prepare and submit an inheritance tax statement?

Every heir and general legatee is bound by law to submit an inheritance tax statement to the respective registry office where the deceased person was last registered for tax purposes. Heirs or general legatees can write the statement themselves or resort to the assistance of a legal specialist (public notary). Read more

How to manage your finances after someone passes away?

Once the estate has been sorted out, you also have to think about what to do with the inheritance. Depending on your financial and family situation, our advisers can suggest solutions for you in terms of investments tailored to your needs. Read more