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IBAN is a standardised way of writing bank account numbers all over Europe. IBAN is part of SEPA, the Single Euro Payments Area. Thanks to SEPA, it is possible to make national and European payments in the same way.

An IBAN consists of an account number, a country code and a numeric verification key.

For example:

  • Account number: 310 - 1269855 - 17
  • Paper format IBAN: IBAN BE61 3101 2698 5517
  • Electronic format IBAN: BE61310126985517

Calculate an IBAN

Calculate the IBAN for your account number(s). You can also calculate your IBAN in Home'Bank: go to Info > Calculating the IBAN.

Transfers with IBAN

You can make your IBAN transfers very easily yourself in Home'Bank. Go to Services > Payments and transfers > Domestic Transfers > Add a transfer (European form).

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