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ING Lion Account
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Who can open an ING Lion Account?
The ING Lion Account is a current account in euros exclusively for competent private individuals of legal age residing in Belgium - at the time of application and who have a valid e-mail address. A single person may only be the holder of up to 2 ING Lion Accounts at any one time.
The ING Lion Account is a simple-to-use current account. In other words, more complex features such as account mandates are not included. The ING Lion Account, however, does meet all your essential requirements such as having, for example, up to 2 joint account holders.

In the event of several account holders, ING will always consider joint holders as indivisible. In the case of unincorporated associations (i.e. without legal personality), ING offers other types of accounts at its branches.
Why is the ING Lion Account free?
The ING Lion Account is an account that meets your basic banking requirements. And because it is so simple, we have managed to make it free.
  • You make all payments yourself via Self'Bank or on your computer, tablet or smartphone.
  • Certain more complex options are not included. Like account mandates or the possibility of having several account holders. Rest assured, however, you will find all these options and more in other ING products.
Why is an e-mail address compulsory?
The ING Lion Account is intended for persons who hardly ever visit a branch and use direct channels to carry out most of their banking transactions. E-mail will be the preferred method of communication in future.
When will I receive my account number?
For your security and because of legal constraints, it will not be possible to tell you this until you have visited the branch to sign the account opening documents for your ING Lion Account and given us a copy of your identity card.
Do I have to open an ING Lion Deposit?
No. On the application form to open an account, you can refuse to open an ING Lion Deposit (savings account) with your ING Lion Account.
How will I receive my account statements?
Your account statements are exclusively available via Home'Bank and Business'Bank.
What is the difference between a personal and a business account?
A business account is reserved for transactions relating to business activities carried out by an individual on an independent/freelance basis (even as a secondary occupation). A personal account is reserved for banking transactions carried out in a non-business context.
Do I have access to ING branches?
Of course you do! Our staff will be pleased to welcome you to our 740 branches and advise you on what is best for you. Only normal transactions you can carry out via Home'Bank, Business'Bank or Smart Banking are not authorized at counters.
The ING Lion Accounts is a current account, exclusively in euros, intended for private individuals, who have reached the age of majority, have full legal capacity, are Belgian residents at the time of the application and have an e-mail address. Maximum two ING Lion Accounts per person. A maximum of two holders are authorised per ING Lion Account (no mandate holders allowed). ING always considers joint account holders as indivisible. For unincorporated associations (i.e. without legal personality), ING offers the ING Green Account at its branches.
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