Saving and investing. Our smart tools will help you choose wisely

You want the best for your money. But it's not always easy to choose from the many options available. Our tests give you an idea of the possibilities while our comparison tables and calculators help you make the right choice for your money.

Investment plan calculator

Already a regular saver? Thinking about investing to get more out of your money? Find out how much more you could earn in returns with the smart mix of saving and investing.

Test your investment instincts

Want to start investing? Take this test first and find out about your instincts for investing: are you a patient bison, a confident fox, a cautious bear or a wise owl?

Test your attitude to money

Wondering what sort of person you are when it comes to money? It takes just 5 minutes of your time to find out how you are doing financially and whether or not you manage your money like a pro!

Pension savings calculator

When you retire, naturally you want the same standard of living as you have now. Our Pension savings calculator will show you how much you should put aside for a comfortable retirement.

Test your knowledge of pensions

How much do you know about your pension? How much will you get when the time comes? And what are the tax benefits now? Test your knowledge and find out if you’re on track to ensure a comfortable retirement.

Savings and investment guide

Answer a dozen or so questions about how you see your financial future. We will show you a personalised list of accounts and investments that might be of interest to someone with your savings and investment goals.

Savings account comparison table

This table shows the characteristics of 3 regulated savings accounts, side by side. So you can compare the costs, the maximum number of account holders and other characteristics. Click “Compare a different account” to add another savings account to the table.