Become main bank

Six good reasons to make ING your main bank

Your main bank is the one you turn to at every milestone in your life, such as your first job or buying your first home. So it is important to choose one that will offer you solutions that are fully tailored to your needs. Here are 6 fundamental reasons to make ING your main bank.

  • Access a wide range of services for your everyday money management, investment products etc.
  • A free online account: because it would be absurd for you to have to pay to manage your own money. Don’t have an account with ING yet? Open yours now in just 5 minutes.
  • Save time by managing your salary and payments from your smartphone.
  • Download innovative apps for smartphone and tablet: easy to use and highly secure.
  • Discover useful online tools including our mortgage manager, official documents, simulation tools, and so on.
  • Get assistance and advice at a branch, by phone or via online chat.
How to switch banks painlessly?
  • There is just one form to fill in where you simply specify your account numbers and your preferences.

ING will take care of all administrative formalities with your former bank:

  • Transfer of your recurring payments to your (new) account at ING within 8 working days. We will ensure that no payments are missed.
  • Transfer the remaining balance from your old account to your new ING account if you wish.

Download the bank switch form now