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ING Cash reserve

Deal with your unexpected expenses stress free!

Unexpected expenses out of the blue? Relax. An ING Cash Reserve gives you the flexibility of an overdraft on your current account of 1,250 euros or more. Just the ticket when you need temporary access to extra funds.

  • Authorised overdraft

    You can withdraw money from your current account, up to the maximum limit allowed by your ING Cash reserve. It's simple and practical.

  • €1,250 or more

    You decide the maximum limit on your cash reserve yourself, with a minimum amount of €1,250.

  • Flexible repayments

    You decide how quickly you pay back your cash reserve*.

  • No fees

    You only pay the interest on the negative balance. If you do not use your reserve, you do not pay a thing!

* With a legal requirement to pay back the full amount at least once per year for reserves up to 3,000 euros, and once every 5 years for reserves over 3,000 euros.



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