ING Renovation Loan

Attention borrowing money also cost money!

What if the phrase “end of the holidays” added up to “renovate your home”? Need to repair your roof? Or is it finally time for your dream kitchen? Now is the time to take advantage of our advantageous rates starting from just 2.70% APR (from 16/08 until 26/09 included). Calculate your renovation loan yourself with our free online simulator!

  • Competitive rates

    Benefit from one of the most competitive rates on the market!

  • Online

    Saving you multiple trips to the branch.

  • Eco-benefit

    Choose the term and amount of your monthly payments yourself, depending on your repayment capacity and within the legal limits.

Tips: Will 80% of your renovation works save on your energy consumption? Go for an ING eco-renovation loan and get an even lower rate!

ING Renovation Loan

ING Eco Renovation Loan

Interest rate

As from 2.70%*


Energy saving percentage**

Not applicable

80% or more

Renovation type


Development work (for an existing home): build a veranda, buy and install a new kitchen, gardening work, ...

Improvement work (for an existing home): carry out painting work, repair the roof, flooring, isolation ...


Maintenance of a boiler.

Installation of a solar water heating system.

Replacement of an old boiler.

Loan duration

6-120 months

6-120 months

Monthly payment

Fixed amount

Fixed amount

File costs



Online request



Invoice needed



*Applicable for requests as from EUR 15000 with a minimum duration of 61 months

** The percentage of renovations that need to be ecological in order to be eligible for the ING Eco Renovation Loan. For example: an ING Eco Renovation Loan of EUR 5000 that consists of 80% ecological renovations can still include a small kitchen renovation as well.

The ING Renovation Loan is an instalment loan for private purposes which allows you to borrow a minimum of EUR 1,300 to carry out your renovation work. This refurbishment loan is covered by the law on consumer loans (charges).

You can use the ING Renovation Loan to pay for your home renovations. These may range from paintwork to complete conversions.

Renovations (to an existing home):

  • Building a veranda
  • Buying and installing a new kitchen
  • Landscaping
  • Digging and installing a swimming pool
  • Constructing a pond
  • Knocking through walls
  • Building a garage extension to the house
  • Building a detached garage alongside the home
  • Extending the roof
  • Adding a storey
  • Demolition works
  • Etc.

Improvements (go an existing home):

  • Painting
  • Roofing
  • Laying a floor
  • Isolation of all kinds
  • Installing skylights
  • Electricity
  • Plumbing
  • Heating
  • Installing a heating boiler
  • Windows and doors
  • Plastering
  • Repairing or improving a swimming pool
  • Solar panels
  • Etc.

Click here to find out what energy-saving works the ING Eco-Renovation Loan is intended for. Run a simulation with no obligation.

  • Amounts:
  • Minimum amount of your renovation loan: EUR 1,300.
  • Maximum amount: this is variable and depends on the scale of your project and your ability to repay the loan.
  • The upper limit is EUR 50,000 per borrower and per home.
  • Interest rate:
  • The interest rate for your renovation loan depends on the amount borrowed and the repayment schedule.
  • Term:
  • Minimum term of six months.
  • The maximum term depends on the amount borrowed and your ability to repay the loan (120 months max.)

This renovation loan is subject to the legislation on consumer credit (charges).

  1. Sign your contract and submit your invoices

"Easy online application, quite fast response for acceptance or not, very proper customer service by phone." 

Representative example of an ING Renovation Loan (instalment loan for private purposes)( for an amount of 10,000 euros (average amount granted by ING) and a term of 48 months: a fixed APR (annual percentage rate) of 2.70% (fixed annual interest rate) will apply, corresponding to a monthly amount of 219.87 euros (or a total of 10,553.76 euros after 48 months). Rate valid on 16/08/2021, subject to change with notice prior to conclusion of the agreement.