ING Bridging Loan

Finance your new home without having to wait for the sale of your old one!

Do you intend to use the proceeds from the sale of your previous property to purchase or build your new home? This short-term bridging loan allows you to use these funds without waiting to sell your property – even if you are unsure of the exact date of the sale.

  • Flexible term

    You set the term of the bridging loan yourself.

  • Practical solution

    Finance your new home without the need to wait for your previous property to be sold.

  • Fixed interest rate

    You benefit from a fixed interest rate for the entire term of the bridging loan. It’s completely safe.

  • Managed online

    Release a tranche of the funds, obtain tax certificates and other documents, etc. You request everything online!

The ING bridging loan is for all individuals who want to buy or build a property (apartment, house etc) for mainly personal purposes.

The bridging loan is a short-term mortgage loan that enables you to bridge the gap between the transaction to sell your previous property and the transaction to complete the purchase or construction of your new house or apartment. In other words you finance your property purchase on a short-term basis, either in full or in part, by borrowing the future proceeds from the sale of your home.

The loan means you are in a position to finalise your purchase independently of the date your current property is sold.

You have signed on the dotted line and your loan is officially granted. You can now manage particular aspects of the mortgage loan directly in Home’Bank:

  • Release a tranche of capital. Do you need access to funds to build or renovate your home? Scan your invoices or certificates, and then go to the "My loans" section of Home’Bank to send these to us. If everything is in order, the money will be paid into your account as soon as possible.

  • Request certificates and documentation. Do you need a copy of your tax certificate, redemption table, offer letter or basic certificate? Do you need a document to be completed by ING, or to request a signed document from the bank? Log in to Home’Bank and submit your request in a few clicks!

  • Amend the details of your loan. Changing the number of the bank account designated for your mortgage repayments is very simple in Home’Bank.

You receive the money in one lump sum when you buy your new property. On the other hand, if you are building a house or apartment, you have the option to obtain the amount in tranches.

You repay the interest monthly, calculated on the total amount. Once your previous property is sold, you repay the capital in a lump sum with no charges.

Good to know: since the date of sale is often not specific, it is laid down that in the event of early repayment, you pay no re-investment penalty.

The maximum amount you can borrow depends on the nature of your project and your repayment capacity.

The rate of interest payable is fixed for the entire term of the loan. The term of a bridging loan can range from 3 to 12 months. Did you sell your property earlier than you anticipated? You have no re-investment penalty to pay in the event you repay the loan ahead of schedule.

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