ING Renovation Loan

Take advantage of a renovation loan for your home

Do you need a loan to renovate your home? To fit a new kitchen, or perhaps landscape your garden? If you want to pay for your renovations but leave your savings intact, consider the ING Renovation Loan.

  • Tax advantage

    The interest on your renovation loan is tax-deductible under certain conditions.

  • Preserve your savings

    Renovate your home without blowing your budget

  • Fixed rate

    You pay the same interest rate for the entire term of the loan.

  • Manage your loan online

    Request a release of funds, download tax certificates, request other documents, ... You can do it all online via our Manage my loan online page. Watch our demo and discover how easy it is to manage your loan online.

The ING Renovation Loan is an instalment loan for private purposes which allows you to borrow a minimum of EUR 2,000 to carry out your renovation work. This refurbishment loan is covered by the law on consumer loans (charges).

Like to find out more? Download our brochure Bring your home projects to life (PDF).

You have signed the deed of sale with the notary and your loan is officially granted. You can now manage particular aspects of the mortgage loan directly in Home’Bank:

  • Release a tranche of capital. Do you need access to funds to build or renovate your home? Scan your invoices or certificates, and then go to the "My loans" section of Home’Bank to send these to us. If everything is in order, the money will be paid into your account as soon as possible.
  • Amend the details of your loan. Changing the number of the bank account designated for your mortgage repayments is very simple in Home’Bank.

More info? Watch our video (FR).

You pay less interest if at least 80% of the loan is intended to finance the following types of work:

  • replacement and maintenance of old boilers

  • installation of a solar-powered hot water system

  • installation of photovoltaic (solar) panels

  • installation of an air to water heat pump designed to save energy

  • installation of other equipment for the production of geothermal energy

  • fitting double glazing

  • roof, ground and wall insulation

  • installation of thermostatic valves or a timer-based room thermostat

  • undertaking an energy audit of the property

  • installation of tap water filtration systems

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Are you carrying out renovations in order to save energy or improve security? Good news: these types of works may entitle you to a tax rebate. And that's not all: depending on the type of renovation works undertaken, you could also benefit from a premium paid by the Walloon Region, the Flemish Region or the Brussels region.

  • Amount

    • The minimum refurbishment loan amount is EUR 2,000.

    • The maximum loan amount varies. Set according to the scale of the project and your ability to repay the loan.

    • For work designed to economise energy, the upper limit is EUR 50,000 per borrower and per property.

  • Interest rate

    • The interest rate for the renovation loan is set according to the amount borrowed and the repayment schedule. You benefit from a lower rate if you undertake an energy-saving project on your property, meaning you pay less in interest.

    • There is no service charge to pay, though this renovation loan remains covered by the law on consumer loans (charges).

  • Duration

    • The minimum term is 6 months.

    • The maximum term ranges according to how you apply for your loan:

      • via between 18 and 180 months

      • in an ING agency: between 18 and 240 months.

    • The duration is set according to the amount borrowed and your ability to repay the loan.

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