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A variable or fixed-rate mortgage loan – the choice is yours!

Which type of home loan would you prefer? The security of a fixed rate? Or would you like to benefit from market developments with a variable rate? ING helps you choose the formula that best matches your preferences and plans.

The ING Mortgage Loan is a long-term loan taken out to finance the purchase of a property.

The ING Mortgage Loan is intended for all individuals who normally reside in Belgium and who would like to finance a project involving property for mainly personal purposes.

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You have signed the deed of sale with the notary and your loan is officially granted. You can now manage particular aspects of the mortgage loan directly in Home’Bank:

  • Release a tranche of capital. Do you need access to funds to build or renovate your home? Scan your invoices or certificates, and then go to the "My loans" section of Home’Bank to send these to us. If everything is in order, the money will be paid into your account as soon as possible.
  • Request certificates and other documents. Need a copy of your tax certificate, amortisation table, credit offer letter or basic loan certificate? Or do you need have ING fill in a certain document or sign a certificate? Easily find all your tax certificates and submit other requests in a few clicks!
  • Amend the details of your loan. Changing the number of the bank account designated for your mortgage repayments is very simple in Home’Bank.

More info? Watch our video (FR).

It is always up to you to choose the formula that is right for you, meaning you have the choice of a fixed or variable rate of interest, as well as how to make the capital repayments.

  • Fixed rate: The interest rate remains the same for the duration of your mortgage loan. When you choose this option, you are protected from any unpleasant surprises because your monthly repayments remain the same throughout the loan term.

  • Variable rate: With variable rate mortgage deals, the rate is reviewed after a given period and altered where necessary. However, you are still protected from excessive rate fluctuations. Whatever happens, the interest rate will vary, but only within a predetermined fluctuation range.

    • Annual variability (1+1+1) Cap 3: The interest rate may be adjusted every year. It cannot rise by more than 3% and it may fall as low as 0%. What's more, you are protected against any excessive rate fluctuations. Rates cannot increase by more than 1% at the first review, 2% at the second and 3% at the third.
      These adjustments are always calculated in relation to the initial interest rate. The revised interest rate cannot ever rise to a figure more than double the initial rate. For example, if your initial interest rate was set at 2.5%, then this rate will never exceed 5%.
    • Five-year variability (5+5+5) +5/-5: The interest rate may be adjusted every five years. Both the upper and lower interest rate fluctuation thresholds are set at 5%. The interest rate can fall as low as 0%.
    • First variability after 10 years and 5-year variability thereafter (10+5+5): The interest rate is revised for the first time after 10 years and thereafter every 5 years. There are two options:
      • You opt for a rate that cannot rise or fall by more than 5% (with a minimum rate of 0%).
      • You choose a rate that can increase by a maximum of 2% and can drop as low as 0%.

  • Which capital repayment method?

    Various different formulae exist to allow you to repay your mortgage loan capital:

    • Consecutive monthly payments: You repay the same overall amount every month. The share of this payment made up of interest falls progressively, whereas the capital share rises over time.
    • Regular capital amortisation: Every month, you repay the same amount of capital, which means that your monthly repayment amount falls over time.
    • Repayment of the entire capital sum at the end of the loan.

    Find out everything you need to know about mortgage loans (PDF).

    Not sure which formula to choose? Run a simulation online and generate an actual result in just a few minutes.

  • Amount: The maximum amount you can borrow depends on the value of the property and your repayment capacity.

    • Are you buying a house? ING releases the loan amount directly when the deed is signed.
    • Are you building or renovating a property? In this case, ING makes the loan available in tranches of EUR 2,500 or more, as the works progress, based on invoices and/or documentary proof.

    To obtain an initial idea of how your mortgage loan would work, generate a simulation.

  • Term: The repayment period of a mortgage loan can last up to 30 years. The duration depends on your requirements and the formula you choose.

  • Fees: Purchasing a house, apartment or plot of land with a mortgage loan gives rise to charges. An initial overview of these is given here. To find out the actual cost of purchasing your home, contact your ING liaison officer who can provide you with an estimate.

    Which guarantees and securities are attached to the loan? A mortgage loan is bound by guarantees required by law, such as:

    • a lien
    • a notarised mandate
    • a pledge to confer a lien, which is generally taken out in relation to the property linked to your mortgage loan.

    The guarantee(s) that apply to your particular mortgage loan will be decided based on your personal situation, with the possibility of combining all three.

  • Possible fiscal advantages: In some circumstances, the costs associated with your mortgage loan can give rise to tax concessions. These will depend in particular on the region in which your property is located.

    You can download documents and certificates related to your loan, as well as other tax certificates, via Home'Bank.

Take out your mortgage loan with peace of mind. With the insurance policies offered by ING, the home of your dreams is given optimal protection.

  • ING Outstanding Balance Insurance for mortgage loans

    Outstanding Balance Insurance is a life insurance policy linked to your mortgage loan. Protect the entire loan amount: in the event of your death, your inheritors will not be liable to repay the remainder of your home loan.

  • ING Home Insurance

    ING Home Insurance is a comprehensive home insurance policy including fire insurance, assistance at home and legal assistance. An essential insurance policy for your home and family!
    Calculate the price online.

  • Free loss of income insurance

    Buy the home of your dreams with peace of mind: should you lose your means of income, either the Flemish Region or the Walloon Region will cover your mortgage loan repayments (in full or in part), under certain conditions and for a limited period.


    • Free in both regions.
    • Secure: should you lose your income, your mortgage loan will be repaid for a set period of time.
    • Flexible: you can take out this insurance when you build, renovate or purchase a residential property.

In practice? The eligibility conditions and sums borrowed vary depending on whether you purchased your property in the Flemish Region (NL) or the Walloon Region.

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