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Get a green mobility loan (as from 1.250 €) for your electric / hybrid vehicle, motorbike or other sustainable vehicle | Attention, borrowing money also costs money.

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The rise of electric vehicles

Electric car sales have been increasing exponentially the last 2 years. In August 2021 hybrid cars accounted for 4.4% of the total passenger car fleet and have well passed the 250,000 mark - about 67% more than in 2020. The number of fully electric cars rose by 70% (40,851). There are several reasons for this rise in electric vehicles (EV's):

  • Fossil fuel prices are skyrocketing;
  • Governments are pushing for a zero-emission rate;
  • Prices of electric cars promise to decrease thanks to more competition, increased production and reduced battery prices;
  • The number of charging stations in Belgium is going up rapidly;
  • Many companies are now opting for an EV-only fleet.

Next to cars we also see a growing popularity for alternative mobility, such as (e-)steps, (electric) (motor)bikes, segways and more. Especially in cities these mobility solutions are very efficient to get around.

Pro's and cons of electric driving



  • Initial investment is higher;
  • You have to organize yourself and check where to charge when you go on longer trips;
  • Availability is often an issue (also with regular cars), but you can of course opt for a second hand option, for which you can also take out a green mobility loan.

A tree is planted with each green mobility loan


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