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Pay your insurance premium online with your credit card for immediate cover!
Our travel and breakdown insurance has many benefits: assistance at home and abroad, advice 24/7… 
ING Lifelong Income not only guarantees an income for life, but it also makes sure that your capital is always available.
With its extensive basic cover, it is the essential private liability insurance to protect your home and family.
If your holiday is cancelled or interrupted, ING Lion Travel Stop reimburses your travel and accommodation costs! Regardless of how you travel, think of it!
With ING Death Benefit Insurance your loved ones will receive a solid amount of capital to help them deal with everyday and exceptional expenses!


  A family car, or a city run-around, a compact car or a 4x4? With an ING Car Loan, get the vehicle you want at a great rate.  
Choose a vehicle with low environmental impact and benefit from tax advantages and very favourable conditions for your loan.
Double glazing, roof insulation... opt for an eco loan and you can make tax savings as well as energy savings!
Fitting a new kitchen, landscaping your garden... finance your small-scale projects without eating into your savings.
Fund the bike of your dreams with ING's motorbike loan, which combines a favourable rate and tailor-made repayments.
Finance your holiday vehicle with ING and you can take advantage of a very comfortable loan.
Do you have plans to move? Have you got a child's room to furnish? You can settle your payments in one go and then repay at your own pace.
For studies or for leisure, buy the computer you want at a very attractive rate!
Has your TV or washing machine broken down? Replace them straight away without having to touch your savings.


Saving is more than just putting money aside. Find out in 3 simple steps how to make the most of your savings.
Compare our savings accounts and find the best interest rate for your savings.


Build up a solid nest egg for your future and take advantage of a tax break right away li>


Build up a solid nest egg for your future and take advantage of a tax break right away li>
This package allows you to centralise all your policies. You will then receive a single policy number and a single invoice.