Day to day banking

Switching to ING? Quick and easy!

You decide. We do the rest. Making ING your main bank is very easy and free of charge. You let us know that you want to become an ING customer and we will arrange everything with the other bank.

Making ING your main bank: who does what?
Open your free ING current account

You apply for your ING Lion Account online and you make an appointment to sign the opening documents at a branch.

ING will open the account and send you your bank card and your card reader by post.

Open a
free account

Have your income paid into your new account

ING gives you a document to inform your employer, national health service or pension institution of your new account number.

You complete the document online or manually in writing. You then give it to all your sources of income, such as your employer, national health service, pension institution, social welfare centre (OCMW) or national employment office (RVA).

Are you unsure whom you should give your new account number to? Take a minute to go over your account statements for the past 12 months.

Go to the direct
debit form

Use your ING account for direct debits

You complete the bank switching form.

ING will inform your previous bank and everyone you pay by direct debit. All your direct debits and standing orders will be executed from the ING account within 8 working days.

Would you like to close your old account, which still has some money in it? ING will automatically have the money transferred into your new account.

Download the
bank switch form (PDF)

Welcome to ING!
What can we do for you?

Whether you are studying, building a home or retiring, ING will give you concrete information and useful advice when you need it.

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what we can do for you

Your opinion counts

ING is open to your remarks and suggestions. If you pass them on, we will take them into account and you will feel the benefit as a result.

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