Cards and payments

Payments with debit and credit card in currencies other than Euro

Are you abroad and would you like to withdraw money or pay with your card in a currency other than Euro? Do you want to make a payment in a country not part of the SEPA zone? How do I calculate the amount in Euros and the costs charged by ING?

What is an exchange rate surcharge?

First thing to know: you have the exchange surcharge applied if you pay in a currency other than Euro.

Just like other banks, ING calculates an additional rate for all transactions in other currencies than Euro. The tariff surcharge is the amount a person pays for the exchange of one currency to another. This additional rate is expressed within ING as a percentage of the amount you exchange.

Exchange rate for debit cards:               3.9 %*

Exchange rate for credit cards:                2 %*


The exchange rate applied is determined by the day on which the transaction is recorded. This date may differ from the date of the actual transaction. The booking date is defined by the retailer / merchant or the ATM network.

How can I calculate the costs for payments and withdrawals in other currencies?

*Rates valid from 19 April 2020.

** ECB (European Central Bank) currency list: AUD, BGN, CAD, CHF, CZK, DKK, GBP, HRK, HUF, ISK, JPY, NOK, NZD, PLN, RON, RUB, SEK, TRY, USD and ZAR.


The "acquirers" (= owners) of ATM devices may charge "access fees" for each cash withdrawal with Mastercard or Visa. The "right of access" may vary from one "acquirer" to another (he may freely determine the amount). The device will indicate the "right of access" fee at the time of the transaction and will ask for acceptance by the cardholder.

Check exchange rates online

Consult the Mastercard, Visa and ECB exchange rates online.

Make sure you have this information to obtain the correct exchange rate:

  • Date: Enter the date of the transaction (rates appear daily at a defined time. Before you will get the rate of the previous day. There are of course no rates available for future transactions).
  • Currency: Select the currency in which you want to execute a transaction – eg. Polish Zloty.
  • Amount: Enter the amount of the transaction eg. 100 PLN.
  • Exchange rate surcharge: Enter the exchange rate surcharge of the bank, eg debit card: 3.9 %
  • Enter Euro for the currency of your account.

You will then receive a result without ING treatment costs and contribution, which still needs to be added, eg a cash withdrawal at ATM outside the SEPA zone with your debit card: € 4.24 and 0.30 % on the amount withdrawn. If used inside the SEPA zone, only extra cost of 0,5€ when using a Lion Account, otherwise it is free.