Cards and payments

ING debit card

The practical and secure payment card with Bancontact, Maestro and contactless payments.

Want a fast, easy and secure way to withdraw cash and pay for your in-store and online purchases? In Belgium and around the world? Discover the ING Debit Card. With Bancontact, Maestro and contactless payments, all built in!

  • For all purchases, large and small

    For all purchases, large and small use your debit card for all your payments: either online or at retailers displaying the Bancontact, Maestro* or contactless logos. From just a few cents to a good deal more!

  • In Belgium and abroad*

    The debitcard’s Maestro function lets you pay and withdraw cash in Belgium and abroad.

  • Just tap and pay

    Use ING Tap and pay for smaller purchases. With ING’s contactless technology built in, you simply tap the terminal and it’s paid! **

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