Cards and payments

23 November 2020

Debit or credit card lost or stolen?

Block immediately and effortlessly your debit card online. You can also call Card Stop on 070 344 344 (0.30 euro/min) to block your debit or credit card .

How to block your debit card online?

Do you have another ING debit card or do you have your debit card details? In that case use your ING Card Reader or ITSME to log into Home’Bank or Business’Bank and submit your request in the self-service corner (Services / self-service corner / Block my debit card) to immediately block your debit card.

Once your request has been submitted, your debit card is immediately blocked and replaced. We will send you a new debit card by post within 5 working days to the postal address registered in our systems. 

Your PIN code will be sent by text message, you don’t need to go to the ING Branch. Follow the instructions included with your card to request your new PIN by text message.

Did you discover, after blocking your debit card, a suspicious transaction?

When a debit card is blocked online, a file number is automatically generated. This number proves that your debit card has been blocked. Please keep this number safe. If your debit card has been used without your permission, you will need to provide this number when disputing a payment or if you file a complaint to the police.

Here you will find more information about disputing a transaction.

Cardstop for credit card

You'll soon also be able to block your credit cards online. For now you can block your credit card by calling Card Stop +32 70 344 344 (0.30€/min). Card Stop will immediately block your credit card and provide you with a new credit card. Card Stop is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What if your card is simply damaged or illegible ... but not lost?

In that case, there is no need to contact Card Stop. You can have your existing debit card or credit card replaced via Home’Bank, Business'Bank or via the ING Banking app.