Cards and payments

Check the PIN code of your card in the ING Banking app

Forgotten your PIN code? Blocked your PIN by entering the wrong code? Consult the PIN code of your debit or credit card by using the ING Banking app

I do not yet use the ING banking app, yet

Scan the QR code below and download the ING banking app to do your banking operations, such as managing your PIN code of your debit or credit card, wherever and whenever you want.

I use the ING banking app

Do you already use the ING Banking app and have you forgotten your PIN or have entered a wrong code three times resulting in a blocked card? Don't worry: you can easily view and unblock your PIN in the secure environment of the ING banking app. Click here to discover the functionality in your app.

How can you check your PIN in the app?

Attention when viewing your PIN code:

  • Memorize your PIN code without writing it down.
  • You will receive an email (on the registered address in our systems) confirming that you have viewed your PIN code
  • You will not receive any messages to request the PIN code by sms, never respond to those messages.

And now what? You have consulted your PIN for a new card or your card was blocked?

To use your card, you must activate it by carrying out a transaction with a PIN code, e.g. a purchase in a store with your card (not online) or a cash withdrawal from an ATM.