Cards and payments

Quick, secure and easy payments… contact-free.

Philippe Hollander

Philippe Hollander

Just like your debit card, your new ING credit card comes with NFC (Near Field Communication) technology for contactless payment. You can now pay for all your small purchases quickly, easily and in total security without having to enter your PIN.

Quick and very easy

1.     Ask the merchant if you can pay by credit card.

2.     Over 80% of terminals already accept contactless payment. If you have the slightest problem about how to position your card to pay contact-free, just ask the merchant who will be delighted to show you how to do it.

3.     Place your card against the payment terminal for a few seconds. Make sure the card is not more than 4 cm from the terminal.

4.     Did you hear a “beep”? Then you’re done!

A highly secure means of payment

We had some questions for Yves Lalieu (Digital Security Officer at ING) about contactless payment and some of the false ideas going around about it. You can rest assured your payments are in safe hands.

Can I disable the contactless payment function on my card?

Yves Lalieu: "Contactless payment transactions are managed over the same secure network as conventional transactions. That’s why it’s impossible and unnecessary to disable contactless payments on your credit card."

Is it true that a fraudster with a portable terminal can steal up to 50 euros from me without me knowing, by just passing the terminal close to my wallet?

Y. L.: "Contactless payment is a simple, quick but best of all a totally secure technology. The scenario in which a fraudster steals money just by placing a payment terminal near your card is highly unlikely for several reasons:

When you pay with a contactless card you have to place it very close to the payment terminal (2 to 4 cm). So it is highly unlikely that someone can do it without being noticed and even less so in a public space.

In addition, terminals with contactless payment technology are not available for sale on the open market. It's impossible to buy one in a high street store. Not only that but every payment terminal is recorded so every financial transaction can be traced with 100% certainty. The perpetrator of a fraudulent transaction would be immediately identified."

Is it true that if I do not remove my contactless payment card from the terminal quickly enough I risk being debited twice?

Y.L. : "In a transaction, there is a dialogue between the card and the terminal. Checks are run and a unique encrypted code is transmitted. This code expires as soon as the transaction is completed. So even if your card is within reach of the payment terminal your purchase cannot be debited twice."

What if I lose my card or someone steals it? Is it true that someone who has my card could empty my account using contactless transactions?

Y. L.: "When you lose your card or have it stolen, your first instinct should be to call Card Stop 24/ 7 on +32 70 344 344. Your card will be blocked, preventing anyone from using it. You can also rest assured knowing that the limits on contactless payments mean you must enter your PIN when the total sum of contactless payments exceeds 50 euros."

So you believe contactless payment is as safe as PIN-based payment?

Y. L.: "I would even go so far as to say it is more secure, since with contactless payment you do not take the risk of an ill-intentioned person looking over your shoulder and stealing your PIN as you enter it."

How do I get one of those contactless credit cards?

Y. L.: "All new ING credit cards come equipped with contactless payments. No need to order a new one. Once your old card expires, we will replace it with a brand new one, complete with contactless payments!"

"Contactless payment is a simple, quick but best of all a totally secure technology.”

Manage your purchases with total ease

You can check out all your purchases for the current month and last month on Home’Bank and on our secure tablet and smartphone apps. So you get a detailed view of your purchases and can see your account balance at a glance. That way, you know how much you have left for your ING credit card purchases at all times.

Contactless payment limits

  • Up to 25 euros per transaction.
  • When the total of your contactless payments exceeds 50 euros, you must insert your card into the terminal and enter your PIN.