Cards and payments

Info on costs about non-euro transactions in Europe

SMS sent to customer after executing a non-euro transaction within the European Economic area or Great Britain

Increase transparency

In order to increase transparency on the exchange costs for non-euro transactions in the European Economic area (EEA) or Great Britain, you will receive an SMS with an overview of these costs shortly after performing a non-euro transaction.  The costs are expressed as a % on top of the ECB exchange rate.

An SMS will be sent out each time you switch from one to another non-euro transaction per calendar month. 

This service is free of charge.


The only condition for receiving these text messages is that your current mobile phone number is known at ING. You can add or modify your mobile phone number in the digital channels (my contact details).

What if you do not wish to receive this information?

Contact our customer service on +32 2 464 60 01 with the request to deactivate this service.

For which currencies do you receive an info message?

BGN (the Bulgarian lev), CHF (the Swiss francs), CZK (the Czech crowns), DKK (the Danish crowns), GBP (the British pounds), HUF (the Hungarian forints) HRK (the Croatian kuna), ISK (the Iceland crowns), NOK (the Norwegian crowns), PLN (the Polish zloty), RON (the Roumanian leu) and SEK (the Swedish crowns).