Cards and payments

Direct debit in euro (SEPA)

The simple, automatic solution for paying your bills

Want to pay your bills from regular suppliers, such as your energy provider, automatically? Simply set up a direct debit in euro (SEPA) ! By authorizing a creditor, e.g. your energy supplier, to debit the amount from your current account, directly, you avoid the risk of late or missed payments.

  • Save time

    Your payments are executed automatically, without even thinking about it. Even when the amount varies.

  • Never pay late again

    Your bills are always paid on time, avoiding late payment charges.

  • Easy to manage

    Manage your direct debits in euro (SEPA) yourself in Home'Bank.

  • Free

    There is no charge for this service.

  1. Contact your supplier

    and request to pay your bills via direct debit.

  2. Activate your direct debit

    by authorizing your supplier to debit your account.

  3. Track and manage the payments

    linked to your direct debit via Home'Bank.

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