Cards and payments


Pay your bills and manage your financial documents online!

Don't want to lose time paying invoices manually and filing financial documents? Zoomit is the solution! Find your bills and financial documents in your online banking environment. When it's time to pay a bill, all details are already filled in. Make your life easier with Zoomit!

  • It's easy

    No more entering long IBAN numbers or payment communications, everything is already filled in.

  • It's secure

    Nobody can access your documents without your authorisation. Not even ING or Zoomit.

  • It's free

    Zoomit is completely free of charge. It's part of ING online services.

Your ING account IBAN number is your new address.

As soon as you have agreed with your sender that you want to receive invoices and documents via Zoomit at ING, the sender will place the document on the Zoomit platform and you'll find it in online banking.

You can receive electronic documents in PDF format relating to:

  • incoming payments such as payslips, credit notes, etc.
  • outgoing payments such as utility bills, insurances bills, etc.
  • Visit the Zoomit website and discover the companies already working with Zoomit.

  1. Log in to your ING online banking

    Zoomit is available on phone, tablet and computer.

  2. Pay your bills in one click

    ... you can also view, store and share them

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