Cards and payments

ING Home'Bank Card

The Home'Bank or Business'Bank access card


  • Practical: If you do not have an ING bank card, you can still access Home'Bank or Business'Bank.

  • Security: The security parameters are identical to those of an ING bank card. Identification and signatures are thus secure to the highest degree.

  • Free: You do not pay any additional charges for this service.

What is it?

The ING Home'Bank Card is an exclusive, personal card which lets you access Home'Bank or Business'Bank. It is not a bank card, and as such it does not have any payment functions (Bancontact, Maestro).

Who is it for?

For Home'Bank users who do not have an ING bank card. It is also for Business'Bank users who wish to log in to their banking space at their workplace without using their ING bank card linked to a personal account.


The ING Home'Bank Card can only be used with the ING Card Reader. As such, it does not give you access to Self'Bank facilities.

When subscribing to Home'Bank, users who do not have an ING bank card will automatically receive an ING Home'Bank Card and an ING Card Reader, delivered to their home.

Are you a Business'Bank user who does not wish to use your personal bank card at your workplace*? If so, you can apply for an ING Home'Bank Card in-branch.

*You must not hold a business bank card.