Cards and payments

8 June 2018

Your opinion truly counts!

Getting ahead together. We are constantly working to bring your bank closer than ever to you and make banking as easy as possible. Did you know that you help us with this?

Thanks to the many comments and suggestions we have received from customers, we have been able to improve our range and our services for internet and mobile banking, and you are the one to reap the benefits!

This web page helps you share your opinion while helping us to act on it. Is certain information missing from our website? Is something not clear in one of our apps? If you have a suggestion be sure to let us know!

Recent improvements thanks to your suggestions
Mobile payments to all accounts
Your remark

"A pity that you cannot make transfers to other accounts with your app. To do that you still need to go through Home’Bank and have your card reader handy. Hopefully this service will be added soon!"

Our realisation

Mobile devices have become an indispensable part of our daily lives, which includes banking. Our free ING mobile apps for smartphones and tablets make it possible for you to manage your private and business accounts and do your daily banking anywhere and at any time.

However, it used to be the case that you could only make payments with our smartphone app to your own accounts and the beneficiaries you had saved in Home’Bank.

You let us know, with good reason, that you would also like to make payments to other accounts, as was already possible via our tablet app. We therefore adapted the smartphone app and you can now make secure mobile payments to any Belgian beneficiary using both free apps.

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Manage your family budget with "My budget"!
Your remark

"Please add the option of changing the category within the budget, and apply this change to future transactions."

Our realisation

Have you already heard about the "My budget" module? If you use our mobile app for tablets, you can manage your family budget very simply way using "My budget". This module puts all of your incomings and outgoings into a clear overview.

A category is assigned to each of your incoming and outgoing payments and a clear graphic shows the share of this category in your total budget.

If you notice that one of your transactions is not listed in the correct category, you can change this yourself.

In "My budget" you can view the evolution of your budget per month or over several months. Quite useful, would you not agree?

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Stay logged on for 3 minutes in our apps

Your remark

“Why am I not able to copy and paste anything (for instance a message from an e-mail) without my session expiring?"

Our realisation

When you make a payment, you often need to look up certain information. And you obviously want to take your time with this, even if you are making a payment using our mobile apps.

So we made sure that you can stay logged in for 3 minutes on our mobile apps for smartphones or tablets. Even if you leave the app.

For example, when you look up and copy a message or the account number of a beneficiary, you can return to the app to paste this into the transfer window.

Thanks to this change, mobile banking with ING is now even more user-friendly.

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A comparative table of our credit cards

Your remark

"Can you include a credit card comparison table on your website? That would make it easier to choose a credit card."

Our realisation

Do you want to make payments wherever you want, online, in shops, at home and abroad? You can do so with any of our credit cards: ING Card, Visa Classic and MasterCard Gold. Each of these credit cards offers security and payment convenience! However, the limits, insurance cover and costs differ for each of these cards.

You, our customer, wanted a clear overview of these differences.

We therefore added a comparative table to our website. For each credit card you can compare the annual costs, monthly limits, insurance cover and surcharges a glance. So you can easily see which credit card is best suited to your needs and immediately apply for it online.

Curious to find out which credit card suits you best?
Banking with Home’Bank now more user-friendly

Your remark

"In general I am satisfied with my Home’Bank, but I find entering a transfer a bit too cumbersome, to name one example."

Our realisation

You can manage your banking wherever and whenever you wish with ING Home’Bank. Making quick and secure payments, consulting and downloading your statements, applying for a loan or insurance...

There is a wide range of possibilities.

Some of our customers told us that navigation in Home’Bank could be improved. So we got to work implementing your suggestions.

As you can see, your suggestions helped make online banking with Home’Bank even easier.

A way to get more out of your money

Your remark

"Interest rates on savings accounts are extremely low at the moment. Are there other ways to generate better returns for my savings?"

Our realisation

Have you considered investing a part of your savings? With a regular investment plan you can start investing from as little as 25 euros per month. The money you save on your savings account will remain 100% available, while the money you invest over the long term has the potential to generate higher returns.

To give you an idea how much more you could gain by investing part of your savings, ING has developed a special calculator. Simply fill in the amount you currently save and how much of that you would be prepared to invest. Then choose the term and your preferred level of risk and the result will appear immediately on screen. Tip: try calculating your potential advantage using different criteria and discover the best combination for your money.