Cards and payments

A new network of ATMs

To improve the accessibility and geographical distribution of ATMs, a new network of ATMs is being set up. Even though we are withdrawing money less often, a cashless world is still far off.

Renting a DVD from a video shop, booking a flight to Rome at the local travel agents, or buying a concert ticket in the music quarter. Twenty years ago, none of these activities were unusual, but things are different nowadays.  

The way that many of us bank and make payments has changed radically. These days, 81% of Belgians use a banking app, for example, to check their account before they go to the shops, or to transfer money to the friend who paid a restaurant bill. Now that more can be done online, fewer and fewer Belgians feel the need to go to the bank branch in person. Nearly 6 in 10 Belgians no longer visit their bank branch or do so very infrequently.[1]

Less cash needed

At the same time, we are paying more often than ever by card (contactless) or mobile phone. In the past, we often went to the bank to withdraw money, which we then used to make a purchase in-store. But over the past 10 years, the number of cash withdrawals from ATMs has halved, partly because you can now pay with a card almost everywhere. And from July 2022, all shops will have to offer at least one electronic payment method.

As a result of this development, banks are thinking about solutions that better meet the expectations and new customers behaviours.

Bancontact CASH Points

New Bancontact CASH Points

New network of ATMs

Not everyone can or wants to pay by card. There may be various reasons for this, whether it’s simply personal preference or because it is not possible in certain situations. That's why withdrawing money at an ATM must remain an option.

However, there is room for more efficiency. Today, fewer than 82% of the ATMs belonging to the four major banks are located less than one kilometre from each other, and 50% are less than 185 metres apart. That is why ING, BNP Paribas Fortis, Belfius and KBC are joining forces to create a new network of bank ATMs: Bancontact CASH points.

From the summer of 2022, the new network of Bancontact CASH points will gradually replace current cash dispensers in locations other than the ING Self’Bank Spaces, ensuring a better distribution across the country. This new neutral network is recognisable by its "CASH" logo. These distributors are easily accessible, evenly distributed throughout Belgium, in places where people really need them.

Logo CASH band Bancontact

Easily recognisable Cash logo on new ATMs

Customers from any bank are welcome

Bancontact CASH points are bank neutral, so everyone can use them, no matter which financial institution you bank with.