Cards and payments

Activate your new ING card

Follow the instructions below to receive and start using your bank card

Have you applied for a new card or new current account with ING? Or are you expecting a replacement card after your old one was lost, stolen, broken or expired?

Follow the steps below to receive your card and, if necessary, request your PIN. You will be able to start using your new card before you know it.

1. Look out for our text message

We will send a text message to the mobile phone number we have on file for you as soon as your new card is on its way.

2. Receive your card by post

You should receive your new card by post within 3 to 5 working days of this text message. If you are an existing customer, we will use the postal address we already have for you on file. You can check this address via the ING banking-app or via Home'Bank under "My settings".

If you are a new customer, we will use the address you provided in your application.

3. Request your PIN

If you are receiving a duplicate or replacement card after your old one expired or stopped working, you can continue using the same PIN.

If you are applying for a new card or your card was lost or stolen, you can check your PIN in the ING banking app (laso possible to install via itsme) or request a PIN via sms.

Follow the instructions included with your card to request your new PIN by text message. Be sure to use the mobile phone number we have on file for you. You can check this number on your ING banking-app or by logging into Home'Bank and going to "My settings". You have 12 days to request your PIN. For security reasons, the text message containing your PIN will be automatically deleted within 2 days. If you do not check your pin or request your PIN within 12 days or you do not have a mobile phone, we will automatically send your PIN by post to the same address as your card. Once you receive your PIN, you can change it at any Self'Bank terminal or other ATM.

4. Use your PIN to activate your card

Your card will be automatically activated the first time you use it, provided you use it to perform an action that requires entering your PIN, for example:

  • changing your pin at a Self'Bank (recommended)
  • making a payment in a shop
  • withdrawing cash at a Self'Bank or ATM

If your new card was sent as a replacement of an old one, your old card will be automatically deactivated as soon as your new card becomes active. Nevertheless, we recommend destroying your old card by cutting both it and the chip in half with a pair of scissors.