Cards and payments

Pay your doctor while respecting the new distancing rules

You smartphone is the best device to pay contactless

Since the coronavirus crisis began, cash is no longer recommended as a means of payment. And even though the habit of paying by debit card or even “contactless” payments has been quickly adopted in shops, it’s often a different story at your doctor, psychotherapist or paediatrician. So how should you pay for your consultation if they don’t have a Bancontact/Contactless payment terminal?

A free Bancontact terminal on your phone

The ideal solution is a free app which both you and your practitioner can install on your own smartphone. Even if you're not with the same bank, you can use the built-in Bancontact feature to make payments as easily as a traditional Bancontact terminal.

Extra advantage: you don’t need to go to the ATM to take out cash and you can adhere to the current health recommendations. 


Step 1: get an ING card reader

Step 2: set up your profile

Setting up the ING app on your smartphone is easy. Just watch our demo video.

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