Cards and payments

Disputing a transaction

On viewing your balance, you discover something unusual: a withdrawal you never made, a payment from a country you have never been to, or a purchase through a website that you are not familiar with. What to do?

Check your wallet

First of all, check that you still have all your cards in your possession. Unfortunately, no-one is safe from pickpockets. 

Card Stop: your first instinct in an emergency

As soon as you suspect fraud, block your debit. Check this page with instructions on how to block your card. You will automatically receive a new card at your postal address.

Hello, police?

The second thing to do if you suspect fraud is to go to the nearest police station and file a complaint.

Keep the official report of the police at your disposal.

"On viewing my balance on Home'Bank, I discovered a payment that couldn’t have made by me – I was in Belgium and the purchase was made in Spain. I called Card Stop immediately. My card was blocked and a new card ordered. Then I went to the police to file a complaint. Lastly, I disputed the payment and was reimbursed for this purchase that wasn’t mine. In short, the story may have started badly but it had a happy ending. “

Philippe H. (Linkebeek)

Fortunately, not everything is fraud

Take online purchases, for example. Often, the name of the site on which you purchased an item is not the name that appears on your account statements. If the payment corresponds to a purchase made recently, check your inbox for the order form. The name of the company invoicing you for your purchase is bound to be on there.

How to dispute a transaction

You don’t recognise a transaction and you suspect a fraud or you recognise a transaction, but a problem has arisen: have you made a withdrawal from an ING ATM and not received the exact amount? Have you been debited twice for the same purchase? Have you not received something that you ordered online?

Was the transaction made using your debit card?

Contact client services via your app, in the 'Services' menu at the bottom of your screen or dial +32 2 464 60 04.

Was the transaction made using your credit card?

Go to the website Your file will be handled directly by Worldline.

My credit card is blocked

If we suspect that someone has used your credit card without permission,

we will temporarily block your card. You will receive a text message informing you of this, along with a request to call Worldline on +32 2 205 85 85 (quick code 1500). Worldline’s employees will check whether or not you authorised the payment in question.

  • If you confirm that everything is in order within 24 hours, your card will be unblocked and you can use it again straightaway.
  • if you confirm that there was in fact a case of fraudulent use of your credit card, it will remain blocked and you will receive a replacement card.
  • if card, it will remain blocked and you will receive a replacement card.

How am I protected against fraud with my credit card?

Every month, you receive a statement listing all expenses made with your credit card. If you notice a payment you do not remember making or an incorrect amount, you should immediately contact Worldline or fill in the online dispute form. If it turns out the payment is in fact incorrect, you will be reimbursed for the full amount.

What will ING do?

In the event of fraud, your dispute will be handled at the end of the working day following notification of this dispute.

Once it has been examined, you will be informed of the reimbursement, conditional reimbursement (a more detailed examination is necessary) or the refusal of the reimbursement.

In the event of an incorrect transaction, the dispute will be resolved within 15 working days. Once it has been examined, you will be informed of the reimbursement or refusal or reimbursement.