Cards and payments

Standing orders in euro (SEPA)

Your recurring payments are executed automatically

Save time with a standing order in euro (SEPA)! Ideal for fixed and recurring payments like your rent or monthly savings. You decide how much and how often to pay. And it's 100% free!

  • For your recurring payments

    Once your standing order in euro (SEPA) is set up, your recurring payments will be carried out without even having to think about it. Everything happens automatically. You save time while avoiding the risk of missed or late payments.

  • Manage everything yourself

    Set up your standing order in euro (SEPA) for free and modify it later if necessary. Whenever and wherever you want via your computer.

  • Fully customisable

    Define the parameters of your standing order in euro (SEPA) yourself: the frequency, the date, the amount, etc.

  • 100% free

    Set up and manage your standing orders in euro (SEPA) 100% free of charge!