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Credit cards

ING MasterCard Gold

The credit card that gives you a little extra

Greater convenience and security, more freedom and extra credit. With the ING MasterCard Gold card, you enjoy a higher spending limit and more comprehensive insurance cover.

  • Higher credit limit

    You enjoy greater payment convenience than with a normal credit card.

  • Better protection

    You benefit from a travel cancellation insurance policy and comprehensive cover to protect your purchases.

  • Maximum security

    Purchases you make online are even more secure thanks to the MasterCard SecureCode protection systems.

  • Automatic repayments

    Your monthly repayments are automatically collected from the ING Current Account linked to your ING MasterCard Gold.

If you are a private individual aged 18 or over and you hold an ING Current Account, you meet the criteria to apply for an ING MasterCard Gold credit card, meaning you could enjoy a secure, reliable payment method which is available worldwide!

  • Administration fee: the ING MasterCard Gold card costs 48 euros per year.

  • Payments: all payments you make (in hotels, restaurants, stores and supermarkets, etc.) are free within the euro zone. The euro zone refers to all the countries that have chosen the euro as the single currency. Outside this zone, a foreign exchange margin of 1.6% is added to your payment amount.

  • Cash withdrawals: to withdraw cash from ATMs, you pay a fee of 4.96 euros + 1% of the amount withdrawn. To make withdrawals at bank branches, you pay a fee of 6.96 euros + 1% of the amount withdrawn. Outside the euro zone, you pay a foreign exchange margin of 1.60% of the amount withdrawn.

  • Secure online shopping from start to finish: thanks to MasterCard SecureCode, you can use your credit card to pay securely at all participating online outlets. For further information, visit

  • Travel with peace of mind! Are you planning a trip abroad? Your ING MasterCard Gold is automatically activated for international use, which is not the case with all banks. This means you have no action to take. Your credit card is not restricted to any particular region, so you have the freedom to make payments and withdraw cash in any country, completely securely.

As the holder of an ING MasterCard Gold, you are covered by 7 free insurance policies.

  • The buyer's guarantee: purchases you make with your ING MasterCard Gold are covered against accidental damage, street robbery and burglary for a period of 200 days after payment is made and up to a limit of 4,000 euros per claim and 8,000 euros per year. Individual items with a cost of 50 euros or more (inclusive of VAT) are also covered, providing they were paid for in full with your ING MasterCard Gold.

  • Internet purchase delivery cover: this insurance policy protects purchases you make online using your ING MasterCard Gold. The policy can be triggered if your order is not delivered within 30 calendar days of the first payment, or if the item or service ordered does not match that described on the order form (up to 30 calendar days following the first payment and a limit of 1,250 euros per claim and per year). Individual items with a cost of 50 euros or more (inclusive of VAT) are also covered, providing they were paid for in full with your ING MasterCard Gold.

  • Extended manufacturer’s warranty: extends the original warranty by 12 months on goods with a minimum value of 50 euros and an original warranty of 2 years, provided they are purchased with your ING MasterCard Gold credit card.

  • Bicycle Assistance: in the event of a breakdown or accident on a public road within 50km of their home address, the cyclist and their bicycle are transported either back home or to a repairer. In the event of theft, the cyclist is transported back home. This insurance covers the card holder and family members registered at the same address.

  • Travel accident insurance: this policy covers trips you make using public transport (by air, road or rail, etc.) or in a rental car that were paid for in full using your ING MasterCard Gold. This insurance only covers international travel for a maximum of 60 consecutive days. You are insured for a maximum of 200,000 euros in the event of your death or permanent disability. You are entitled to additional compensation worth up to 30,000 euros to cover investigation, rescue and repatriation costs.

  • Travel cancellation insurance: your cancellation fees are refunded in the event your trip is cancelled or interrupted because of death, illness or serious accident, serious material damage caused to your property or the theft by burglary or street robbery of your travel documents (up to a limit of 6,000 euros per trip, per credit card and per year).

  • Card fraud cover: you are insured against the fraudulent use of your ING MasterCard Gold between the point it was lost or stolen and the point at which it was blocked by Card Stop.

Go to the Self Service ING Visa Gold to find all the information you need to submit your claim form correctly.

  • Monitor your spending as and when you choose: you can check how much you have spent during the current and previous month using Home’Bank and our secure applications for smartphone and tablet. And you can see a detailed picture of your spending and available cash. As a result, you always know how much money you have available to pay for purchases you make with your ING MasterCard Gold.

  • Hassle-free repayments: With your ING MasterCard Gold, your monthly expenditure is repaid automatically. Spending on your account closes on the 7th of every month and the ING Current Account linked to your MasterCard is debited 9 calendar days later, so you have nothing to worry about! The standard monthly spending limit is set at 5,000 euros. If you would like to increase this limit, you can make a request at your ING branch.

As an ING MasterCard Gold cardholder, you receive discounts and exclusive benefits from our two partners: and Hertz.

  • 10% off all bookings made with your MasterCard® at Simply enter the following discount code: AFMCARD217.
    Offer subject to term and conditions available on

  • 15% off all bookings made with your MasterCard® at, on all rentals, such as a free upgrade to a higher vehicle category. Offer subject to term and conditions available on

These special offers are valid until 31 December 2017.

Can’t find your bank card? Call Card Stop immediately on 070 344 344 (+32 70 344 344 from abroad) to block your card or order a new one.

Your application via, for an ING MasterCard Gold is valid subject to acceptance by ING Belgium and does not bind you as long as you have not signed the MasterCard Gold contract at your ING branch (subject to prior acceptance of your file by ING Belgium). ING has taken out insurance policies for its ING MasterCard Gold customers with

  • Allianz AWP P&C S.A.- Belgian branch, rue des hirondelles 2, 1000 Bruxelles. Register of Companies 0837.437.919. Insurance company registered under FSMA-number 2769.

For details of the conditions, exclusions and limitations of the aforementioned insurance, please see the General Terms and Conditions of your MasterCard Gold card in any ING branch and at

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