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The practical and secure payment card with Bancontact, Maestro and contactless payments.

Want an fast, easy and secure way to withdraw cash and pay for your in-store and online purchases? In Belgium and around the world? Discover the ING Payment Card. With Bancontact, Maestro and contactless payments, all built in!

  • For all purchases, large and small

    For all purchases, large and small Use your bank card for all your payments: either online or at retailers displaying the Bancontact, Maestro* or contactless logos. From just a few cents to a good deal more!

  • In Belgium and abroad*

    The card’s Maestro function lets you pay and withdraw cash in Belgium and abroad.

  • Just tap and pay Use

    ING Tap and pay for smaller purchases. With ING’s contactless technology built in, you simply tap the terminal and it’s paid! **

  • * Maestro is automatically activated for use in Europe and several other countries. To make payments and withdrawals in other parts of the world, you can activate your card for use outside Europe online.

    ** For new ING bank cards with the ING Tap and pay logo ING Tap and pay logo.

Your ING Payment Card gives you access to:

  • Home’Bank, ING's online bank
  • Self’Bank machines at ING branches, where you can do your banking yourself.

Your bank card can also be used to create your Mobile Banking profile, so you can do your banking via your smartphone or tablet.

Your ING Payment Card is strictly personal and can only be used with the personal identification number (PIN) known only by you. If you have applied for a new current account, you will receive your PIN by text message after receiving your new bank card by post. The same applies to cards being replaced after loss, theft or (attempted) fraudulent use. If you receive a replacement bank card after your old one broke, became unreadable or expired, your PIN will remain the same.

In any case, you can change your PIN at any time via a Self’Bank machine at an ING branch.

Your bank card lost or stolen? Call Card Stop immediately on +32 70 344 344. If your card is blocked after several incorrect PIN attempts, simply visit your branch for assistance. If your card is broken or unreadable, order a replacement bank card online.

For small purchases below 25 euros, it is possible make payments without entering your PIN**. For larger amounts, view the payment, transfer and withdraw limits related to your ING bank card.

** After making a total 50 euros of payments without entering your PIN, you will have to confirm any subsequent payments with your PIN before you can make payments again without entering your PIN.

Use your ING bank card to make payments in Belgium, abroad and online or to withdraw cash at any ATM displaying the Maestro logo. You can also use your card to make Maestro payments and withdrawals within Europe and several other countries including Turkey, Israel and most of Central Asia. Check for which countries your bank card is already activated. To use your bank card in countries not on this list, remember to activate your card for use outside Europe before you leave.

Grabbing a coffee, picking up a magazine or buying a bunch of flowers? All new ING bank cards come equipped with contactless technology for quick and easy payments. Simply tap the payment terminal in shops, bars or restaurants displaying the contactless payments logo ING contactless payments logo and your payment is made instantly! No need to insert your card and for payments up to or less than 25 euros, you do not even need to enter your PIN*. Just tap… and it’s paid!

* After making a total 50 euros of payments without entering your PIN, you will have to confirm any subsequent payments with your PIN before you can make payments again without entering your PIN. For purchases over 25 euros, simply tap your card and enter your PIN to confirm.

The fees charged for your bank card depend on the account it is linked to. In most cases, you are entitled to at least 1 free bank card with your current account. Take a look at ING's list of charges for more details.

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