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Discover the free, online and mobile current account!

An ING Lion Account saves you valuable time when doing your daily banking. Make payments, check your balance, etc. via your computer, smartphone and tablet or one of our Self’Bank machines. And for expert advice, our staff are at your disposal!

*And take advantage of a unique offer: receive 50 euros when you open this account before 30 July 2017 together with our e-banking and/or mobile app.

  • Free bank account

    From opening your account to managing it online, transactions, up to 2 bank cards (1 per account holder) and ATM withdrawals throughout the euro zone: all of this completely free!

  • Online and mobile

    Available anywhere and anytime you need it. Make payments and transfers via your computer, smartphone and tablet or one of our Self’Bank machines.

  • A lot more than just a current account

    Enjoy a whole host of other benefits including in-branch advice.

  • Simple to open

    Open your account online via your computer, smartphone, and tablet or ING branch.

The reason this account is free is that you carry out your daily banking transactions yourself, exclusively online. But you can still get free advice from our branches along with a comprehensive package of services to help you manage your money better.
That includes...

  • Up to 2 free bank cards (1 per holder): Bancontact/Mister Cash, Maestro and contactless payments. Use the card for all your transactions and payments. And cash withdrawals are free throughout the euro zone, from any bank ATM.
  • One solution for all your needs wherever and whenever it suits you.

    • Do your transactions at home or on the move from your computer, smartphone or tablet, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
    • Count on expert advice from any of our branches. Or call our help desk on +32 464 60 04 Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. and Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
    • View and/or print your account statements at home on your computer.
  • Ever more comprehensive banking services that keep pace with the latest developments in digital technology. Need an example?
    • Access the "My Budget" module from your tablet to monitor and plan your income and expenses better.
    • Log in to our smartphone app with your fingerprint... quick and easy!

Can’t find your bank card? Call Card Stop immediately on +32 70 344 344 to block your card or order a new one. .

The ING Lion Account is the free current account exclusively in euros which you manage via the internet. It is intended for private individuals over the age of 18 who have full legal capacity, are Belgian residents at the time of application and have an e-mail address.

  • Maximum two ING Lion Accounts per person.
  • A maximum of two holders are authorised per ING Lion Account (no mandate holders allowed). ING always considers joint account holders as indivisible. For unincorporated associations (i.e. without legal personality), ING offers the ING Green Account at its branches.​

Offer valid when an ING Lion Account current account (subject to prior acceptance by ING Belgium and mutual agreement) or an ING Green Account current account is opened between the 19/06/2017 and the 30/07/2017 included, and upon the activation of ING Home Bank services or Smart Banking services for smartphones or tablets during the same period. Offer reserved for private individuals between the 19/06/2017 and the 30/07/2017 inclusive, who are not yet holders (or joint holders) of a current account with ING Belgium on 19/06/2017. The offer is limited to a single deposit of 50 euros per account (whether it is opened in the name of one or more account holders) and per person (one person can only benefit from the offer on one account opened in their name). The amount will be paid into the ING Lion Account opened in this way, in the month of September 2017. This offer cannot be combined with other ING offers for the same service. The ING Lion Account is a current account managed via the internet. An application to open one can be submitted at, via smartphone at or via Home’Bank. It is opened, free of charge, after the account opening document has been signed online or at an ING branch. Any opening of an ING Lion Account is subject to prior acceptance by ING and to mutual agreement. You do not pay any annual management fees or charges for with drawals from cash dispensers in the eurozone. The terms, conditions and rates for transactions are available at ING Belgium SA/NV – Bank – Registered office: avenue Marnix 24 – B-1000 Brussels – Brussels RPM/RPR – VAT: BE 0403.200.393 – BIC: BBRUBEBB - IBAN: BE45 3109 1560 2789. Insurance broker registered with the FSMA under No. 12381A. Publisher: Marie-Noëlle De Greef – Cours Saint-Michel 60 – B-1040 Brussels.

All applications for an ING Lion Account are subject to approval by ING Belgium S.A./nv and by mutual agreement.

Please read:

All relevant terms and conditions are available at, from all ING branches or by calling +32 2 464 60 04.

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