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ING Green Account

Go for the classic current account you can manage online and at a branch!

Need to open a current account for doing your banking online but also at a branch? In euros and other currencies if need be? And with an unlimited number of account holders and/or mandate holders? The ING Green Account was made for you!

  • Online, on the move or at a branch

    Do your banking from anywhere, at any time on your computer, smartphone and tablet or at a branch.

  • In euros and other currencies

    Make and manage payments in euros as well as other currencies, all via the same account with the same account number. Ideal, for example, for your foreign invoices and international investments.

  • Free manual transactions

    Your annual fee includes up to 12 free manual debit transactions per year at a branch: including counter withdrawals, cheque payments, paper-based transfers, etc.

  • Unlimited account holders

    Need to open a current account in the name of several people? With the ING Green Account, you can have an unlimited number of account holders and mandate holders.

Any private individual aged 18 or over can open an ING Green Account for personal use. If you self-employed and looking for your ideal business bank account, discover the ING Green Account for the self-employed.

The ING Green Account not only offers you a comprehensive current account but a comprehensive range of banking services as well! For just 30 euros per year, you can manage your account while also benefiting from:

  • Online banking services for carrying out transactions from your computer, tablet or smartphone, wherever and whenever you choose. Get free access to Home’Bank, ING's online banking service, as well as Phone’Bank and ING Smart Banking, our secure mobile app for smartphones and tablets.
  • Free withdrawals from cash machines throughout the euro zone.
  • A free bank card for the first 2 account holders (charges apply for additional holders). This card includes Bancontact/Mister Cash and Maestro. Please note that you can only pay with Maestro in geographical Europe. However, you can request a special extension from your branch to use it outside this zone.
  • Free account statements via Home’Bank.
  • 12 free manual debit transactions such as paper-based transfers, cheque payments, counter withdrawals, etc.

Your ING Green Account comes with a complete package of services for just 30 euros per year, including VAT. Consult the charges that apply to the main banking operations for private individuals and for more information about this account, read our General Regulations.

If for any reason you cannot find your bank card, call Card Stop immediately on + 32 7 344 344 to have it blocked or replaced. While waiting to receive your new card by post, you can request a free temporary card from your branch.

The ING Green Account is a current account for adult individuals. It can be applied for

If the application has been made online, via or at, even if you are not an ING client yet, be aware that:

  • It’s reserved solely for legally competent private individuals residing in Belgium at the time of application and with an e-mail address.
  • A maximum of two account holders may be authorised per ING Green Account (mandate holders cannot be authorised) .
  • You will receive at home your bank card and card reader.

For more specific requests when opening your account (e.g. more than 2 account holders, with mandate holders, multiple currency account or non-resident account holders), please contact your nearest ING branch for assistance.

All applications for an ING Green Account are subject to approval by ING Belgium S.A./nv and by mutual agreement.

Please read:

All relevant terms and conditions are available at, from all ING branches or by calling +32 2 464 60 04.

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