Current accounts

22 May 2018

Centralise everything in one account

As an ING customer, you appreciate the practicality of our services, both online and in branch. To make it even easier to manage your money, why not centralise everything in one account? With ING, it is very simple. You just need to fill in one little form online, and that is it.

Centralising everything in one account: what does that mean?

It means that ING takes care of everything so that all your recurring payments are paid into (or debited from) your ING account. That includes:

·        Your standing orders (rent, maintenance allowance, etc.)

·        Your direct debits (utilities, telecommunications services, etc.) 

·        Your income (salary, pension, unemployment benefits, family allowance, etc.)

·        Your health insurance reimbursements

In short, no more administrative procedures for you. ING takes care of everything.

I want to transfer my payments to my ING account