3 little-known benefits for ING customers

That prove you still come out on top

The extra services Included in your ING account can make a real difference to your budget.

And when you put them together, these services can earn you more than a simple savings account over the course of a whole year.  

ING OneView can help you save up to 400 euros a year!

Discovered our new tool for analysing your recurring payments? ING OneView scans your standing orders, direct debits and other recurring payments for anything from energy bills to gym membership, streaming services and more. To give you a clear overview of your outgoing expenses.

But that’s not all. ING OneView also helps you reduce those expenses by finding other, cheaper providers. You can even cancel unwanted subscriptions and/or switch to new providers. ING OneView takes care of all the paperwork! 

Delete a contract switch to a better deal in just 1 click.

ING+ deals: the cashback programme that can help you save up to 120 euros a year!

Many ING customers received as much as 120 euros in cashbacks in 2020. That’s on top of the discount on their supermarket purchases!

To compare, to earn the same amount in interest on a savings account right now, you would have to save 109,000 euros! 

The idea is simple:

·      Log in to your ING Banking app or Home'Bank

·      Activate our partners’ deals that interest you

·      Shop online or in store using your ING debit or credit card

·      We’ll deposit your cashbacks by the end of the following month. 

Get exclusive discounts off the purchases your make

Interbank transfers in euros: instant and free

Sending money to accounts with other banks can typically take around 2 working days. And many banks charge anywhere between 0.50 and 6 euros for if you want it sent on the same day.

At ING, we make sure your recipient gets the money within the hour, completely free of charge!

At ING, you get way more than just a current account with a debit card! You also get the tools you need to optimise your budget and get the most out of your money!