Current accounts

The bank account with full comfort

With the ING Green account you get a current account with full access to our range of services!

A bank account for those who like the comfort of being served digitally and physically in our branches.

  • Convenient

    Do your banking from anywhere, at any time on your computer, smartphone and tablet or at a branch. Your monthly fee includes 60 manual debit transactions per year such as cash withdrawals in euro and paper-based transfers.

  • Multi-currency

    Make and manage yours payments in euro and other currencies, whilst keeping it simple with just on account number. Ideal if you have to manage foreign invoices and international investments.

  • Flexible

    Need to open a bank account in multiple names ? No problem. The ING Green Account allows you to have an unlimited number of account holders and mandate holders.

How do you open your bank account?

  1. Be prepared

    No ING-client? Take your ID card with you. Already a client? Make your request via Home'Bank

  2. Request

    Fill in the application form in only 10 minutes.

  3. Receive

    As soon as your application is processed, we’ll get in touch!

First read this page carefully, then you can Request a bank account