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Choose the name of your accounts or open a new account for legal entities


Choose the name of your accounts

Using the “Rename” option, you can choose a description which will help you recognise your accounts more easily.

For example, you can choose “Joint account”, “House savings”, “Savings + name of your child” and so on. This will help you recognise your accounts very quickly.

How can you rename your accounts?

Go to the “My accounts and payments” overview page via “Day-to-Day banking”. Click on the name and choose the account name you wish.

The name will be changed immediately on the overview pages. However, you need to log in again to see the new name displayed on the “Account details” page.

This new name will only be visible in Home’Bank and in our mobile apps for smartphone and tablet. It will not appear on your statements.


Opening a new account for legal entities

Open a new account via Business’Bank and receive your account number immediately.

With Business’Bank, you can open a new account for your business in just a few clicks. Whether it be an ING Corporate Plus Account, an ING Green Savings Account, an ING Orange Savings Account, a Case Account, a Notary public sub-account, a Mediation Account or a Bankruptcy Account. Receive your new account number instantly upon submitting your application. All you have to do is sign the application with your card reader. In other words, there are no documents to sign.

Your account will appear in your Business'Bank the next time you log in and can be used already from the following working day.

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