Current accounts

Choose ING as your main bank

Discover the easy and free of charge Bank Mobility service

With your current account and the ING Banking app, you can now enjoy many exclusive benefits. And yet, you can still get a little more out of it by transferring your income and payments to an ING current account. All free of charge and very easily via the Bank Mobility service. That way ING becomes your primary bank and you have everything in one place!

  • Peace of mind

    Centralize your income and payments into your ING current account to get a clear overview and to simplify the management of your finances.

  • Exclusive benefits

    Receive discounts on purchases paid with your ING debit or credit card via ING+ deals or take part in exclusive competitions via ING Experience. And there is even more to benefit from!

  • Easy & free

    Thanks to the Bank Mobility service you can transfer your payments orders from your old account to your new one. You can even ask to close the old account. And don't worry, ING takes care of the administrative tasks and contacts your old bank directly.

  1. Scan the document & send it to

  2. ING is now your main bank!

    The adjustments will be made on a date of choice