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4 August 2016

Rent a safe deposit box at a branch

Your degree or diploma, marriage contract, title deeds, jewellery or spare keys… all things you absolutely do not want to lose. So why not keep them absolutely secure in a safe deposit box at an ING branch? Safer than at home and protected against loss, theft and fire. For total peace of mind, especially while on holiday.

For valuable items and important documents
  • Safer than at home
  • Different sizes available
  • Free cover
Your benefits
  • Your valuables better protected from theft and fire: only you and those you give permission can access your safe deposit box.
  • You always know where they are: avoid misplacing documents or jewellery during a major move or clean-up.
  • For large and small items: we have safe deposit boxes of all sizes.
  • Free cover: everything you store in your safe deposit box is covered against theft, fire and water damage.
  • Close to you: ask your local ING branch whether they have a safe deposit box available.

How to rent a safe deposit box at ING?
  • 1

  • Make an appointment at your preferred ING branch.

    An employee will show you the safe deposit boxes.

  • 2

  • Choose the format you need and sign the rental contract

  • 3

  • Select your PIN. You will then receive a key and access card.

Annual rent

Renting a safe deposit box costs 50 euros plus 1 euro per 1000 cubic centimetres (or 1 litre) of volume, including VAT. This amount is debited from your ING current account via direct debit. Don’t have an account with ING yet? Apply for one online now.

Interested in renting a safe deposit box?