Current accounts

The flexible youth account

Guide your child to financial independence with the current account ING Go to 18 from 10 - 17 years.

With the youth account ING Go to 18, you can teach your child money management skills whilst remaining in control over the account.​ Easy to open online. And even easier to keep an eye on their expenses via the ING Banking app.

  • Simple & Secure

    Teach your child good financial skills with their free debit card. They’ll be able to make contactless payments from their secure account. Or do cash withdrawals in euro from as little as 5 euros at no cost from the Self'Bank machines at our branches. 

  • Parental control

    Keep an eye on your child’s spending habits with your ING Banking app or Home’Bank.

  • Convenient

    Manage their youth account from your computer, tablet or smartphone whenever, wherever. Your child will also be able to check their own balance from the ING Banking app once they turn 12.

How do you get started?

  1. Get ready!

    Login with Itsme or your ING card reader. Is your child older than 10 years? Take his/her ID-card.

  2. Apply online

    Fill in the online application. It'll take just a few minutes!

  3. Look out for our e-mail

    We'll get in touch as soon as we've processed your application.

First read this page carefully, then you can Request a current account