The Bancontact app

Pay via smartphone or tablet

Want to split a restaurant bill? Pay back a friend? Or lend them some money? Think it’s all too complicated without cash? Think again! With the Bancontact app, you can pay directly from your smartphone or tablet... that's that settled!

  • Secure payments

    Mobile payments made via the app are just as secure as those you make using your bank card at a shop.

  • Free to download and use

    Bancontact is free, as are any payments you make to other people using the app.

  • Quick and easy payments

    Scan the QR code, enter your PIN and your payment is made instantly via the Bancontact app or directly in ING Smart Banking.

  • Multi-bank

    Even if your friend is with a different bank, you can pay them just as easily via the app.

  • Pay online or anywhere!

    Pay online, in a shop, at home or at work… anywhere and anytime you want with the growing number of users who accept payments via the app.

Scan the QR code

created by the app

Enter your PIN

to confirm the transaction

You've paid!

You will receive instant confirmation of the payment.