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ING OneView, your contract and subscription manager

Your budget will thank you!

Having an overview of the total cost of the contracts and subscriptions you pay for through your ING current accounts and ING credit cards.... This is one of the advantages of this free feature, available in the ING Banking app and in Home'Bank.

  • Global analysis

    ING OneView detects all regular payments linked to your ING euro current accounts and ING credit cards (subscriptions to streaming platforms, lunch boxes, gyms, etc.). You have a clear overview on one screen of the total budget that these payments represent.

  • Easy cancel

    No longer using a particular subscription? You can cancel it with ING OneView, completely free of charge. Depending on your subscriptions, you could save up to 240 euros every year! 

  • We do it for you

    You can cancel your contracts in just one click. ING OneView takes care of the administrative procedures and keeps you informed at each stage.

  1. Click on Products.

    In your ING Banking app or in Home'Bank.

  2. Select "Discover"

    Then choose "Subscription Manager".

  3. Run the analysis

    For a complete overview, link your credit card.

Do you really know what budget represents all your subscriptions?