7 August 2018

Have a question? Ask Marie!

Have a question about your ING bank card? Need to block, replace or activate a card for use outside Europe? Or check the delivery status of your new card? From now on, you can get instant answers and instant service online, courtesy of Marie, the digital assistant from ING. Chat with Marie 24/7 on your computer, smartphone or tablet via Facebook Messenger

Meet Marie, the digital assistant from ING!

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Already have a Facebook account in your real name (first name and surname)? Is your mobile number registered with ING? And do you have an ING bank card? If so, you can ask any and all questions you might have about your card to Marie via Facebook Messenger!

Our digital assistant currently only speaks English and is still in the trial phase. However, she is learning fast and expanding her database with every new conversation. Remember to keep your questions clear and to the point. If your question is too complicated, one of our experts will take over the conversation for you.

Your secure online contact person

Before Marie can provide information or services related to your bank card, you will be required to answer a couple of security questions. Bear in mind, however, that Marie will never ask for your PIN, profile code, password or account number. Marie will also never attempt to contact you proactively. If in doubt, send us an e-mail complete with a screenshot via phishing@ing.be.

The terms and conditions that apply to ING Virtual Assistants (hereafter referred to as “IVA”), describe the services offered and the right of the user and ING Belgium SA, NV (hereafter referred to as “ING”)

By accessing and using ING Virtual Assistants , the user declares that he/she is aware of and has accepted the present terms and conditions.


The following terminology is used and applies for the purposes of these terms and conditions. The terms may be used indiscriminately in the plural or in the singular.

Card: general term for debit or credit cards issued by ING.

ING Virtual Assistant: the services as described under 2. Virtual Assistants SERVICES.

User: the natural person which has started a conversation with an ING Virtual Assistant following the procedure described in the Terms and Conditions.

2.      Virtual Assistants SERVICES

a)     Chatbot

Marie the Virtual Assistant (MVA), is a chatbot service offered by ING, which is accessible through Facebook Messenger, and enables:

·        a User to obtain answers to questions about ING products, ING services and the brand ING.

The User acknowledges that next to the Terms of Use, the Terms of Service of Facebook for Facebook Messenger continue to apply.

3.      Access, Use , Availability, Languages

Access and Use

a)     Chatbot:

To access and use the Virtual Assistant, the User must be logged into Facebook, access Facebook Messenger and start a conversation with the Virtual Assistant by clicking the “Get Started” button on the relevant Facebook Messenger Page or relaunching an existing chat conversation via the Facebook Messenger Pages ING België or ING Belgique. The user asks their question by typing it into the chat window and then pressing "Enter". The Virtual Assistant will then give a reply that will appear in the chat window.


Until that moment and except in the case of gross or intentional negligence or misconduct of ING, the Client shall be solely liable for any direct or indirect damages incurred by himself, by ING or by third parties as a result of any use or misuse, fraudulent or not, by himself or by third parties, of his personal means of access.


Subject to the means at its disposal and within the limitations described in the previous point, ING shall provide access to IVA 7 days per week and 24 hours per day.

Nevertheless ING cannot guarantee a continuous, uninterrupted and secured access to IVA.

ING may interrupt, at any time and without prior notice, the access to ING Virtual Assistant in case of risk of misuse or fraud or in order to perform maintenance or to implement any improvement or modification. ING shall do its utmost to limit the duration of such interruptions and shall, whenever possible, inform the user of these interruptions and their estimated duration.

Without prejudice to its rights to indemnity, ING reserves the right to prohibit, at any time and without prior notice, the access to all of a part of IVA to the User for the following motives: violation of the present terms and conditions, use of IVA for unlawful or immoral purposes, infringement on the integrity, the security or the reputation of IVA.


The services offered by ING Virtual Assistants are accessible in Dutch and French.

4.      Information supplied by ING Virtual Assistants

ING takes the utmost care of the quality of IVA for both content and user-friendliness and takes all reasonable measures to provide correct and up-to-date information via IVA.

In this manner, ING may modify, at any time and without prior notice to the User, the information supplied via IVA and, in this context, interrupt access to all or part of IVA.

The information, opinions and simulations via IVA are provided without guarantee or liability on the part of ING, except in the case of gross or intentional negligence or misconduct. They are only valid on the date they are provided and ING cannot guarantee their accuracy, the absence of errors, their completeness and/or their timeliness. They are provided exclusively for information purposes and independently of any specific contractual and/or unilateral undertaking entered into by ING. They can never be considered as a recommendation, advice or a direct and personal offer for the sale and/or purchase of banking, insurance or other products. They only constitute an element of assessment for the User who remains free in his decisions and is solely responsible for the use he/she makes of them.

The provisions under this paragraph only apply as far as IVA does not express statements to the contrary.

ING branches, Helpdesk and the ING Internet Site are available to the Users in view of providing any additional information as well as making any appropriate personal offers.

5.      Responsibility for the use of IVA

Except in the case of gross or intentional negligence or misconduct on their part, ING and its members of staff are not responsible for any direct and indirect amages (including the loss of profits, the costs for acquiring an equivalent service or product or the loss of opportunities) incurred by the IVA user and resulting from the use of IVA or to the impossibility to use it, regardless of the reason.

Except in the case of gross or intentional negligence or misconduct on its part, ING is not responsible for, amongst other things, any direct and indirect damages caused by the transmission of viruses despite existing security measures, the interruption of the access to IVA caused by communication disturbances, channel or connection problems, unauthorized access to IVA , act or mission to the IVA software not approved by ING, strikes or events of force majeure.

6.      Property and intellectual property rights.

A non-exclusive license is granted to the to the IVA user to use IVA. Nevertheless, no property or other intellectual property right is transferred to the IVA user. This license only gives the IVA user the right to access the contents of IVA, consult the information it contains and use the services offered on the site in a regular manner, and only for his own private use.

Any extraction and/or re-use of all or part of the contents of IVA which are qualitatively or quantitatively substantial, in any form or manner, is strictly prohibited without ING’s prior written consent. Also, the repetitive and systematic extractions and/or re-use of insubstantial parts of the contents of IVA conversations, in any form or manner, are not authorized if such acts exceed the normal use of IVA or cause prejudice to the legitimate interests of ING.

7.      Hypertext links

Except in the case of gross or intentional negligence or misconduct on its part, ING cannot be held responsible for hypertext links created from third parties’ Internet sites to IVA, nor can ING be held responsible for the contents of these sites.

The creation of any hypertext link to IVA, whether for commercial or non-commercial purposes, must be subject to the express prior authorisation of ING.

8.      Protection of privacy


The data communicated to ING Belgium through a chat conversation with “ING Virtual Assistant” and, if applicable, in the context of management of your requests, will be processed by ING Belgium SA/NV, Avenue Marnix/Marnixlaan 24, B-1000 Brussels, for the purposes of centralising customer management, managing accounts and payments, credit monitoring and management, marketing banking, insurance and financial services (unless, on application and free of charge, the person concerned refuses consent to direct marketing), having an overview of the customer base, transaction monitoring and the prevention of irregularities and, if applicable, granting and managing credit, asset management (investment) and brokerage (including insurance).


This data is also provided to other companies within the ING group within the European Union (list available on request) carrying out banking, insurance or financial business for the purpose of centralising customer management, marketing (except for e-mail advertising and unless the individual concerned has, on application and free of charge, refused consent to direct marketing), having an overview of the customer base, service provision (if applicable) and transaction monitoring (including the prevention of irregularities). This data will also be communicated to insurance companies outside the ING Group and based within the European Union, for which the bank acts as insurance broker (list available on request), provided it is necessary for the purposes of (where appropriate) conclusion and management of insurance (notably, assessment of insured risk), marketing insurance services (except for e-mail advertising and not if the person concerned has, on request and at no expense to him/her, refused consent to direct marketing), centralising customer management and transaction monitoring (including the prevention of irregularities).

The following trusted third parties that support ING Belgium in delivering the services of the Virtual Assistants, may need personal data for the provision of these services and, if applicable, to fulfill their own purposes :

-         Facebook

-         Google

-         Twillio


For additional information regarding the processing of your data by these companies, please read the specific data protection policies/privacy statements of these companies on their respective websites.

You can check your personal data and have it corrected if necessary.

For additional information regarding the procession of your data by ING Belgium, please refer to the ING Belgium Privacy Protection Charter and Article 6 (Protection of Privacy) of ING Belgium’s General Regulations and, where applicable, to any specific agreements or rules applying to the various means of access and signing (including cards, etc.) for the ING Belgium electronic channels (Home’Bank, etc.).

The User has a right to opt out, free of charge, and upon request, of the processing of your details by ING Belgium for the purpose of direct marketing and/or the transfer of such details to other companies in the ING group and/or  insurance companies within the European Union with a view to direct marketing actions.



9.      Applicability of the present Terms and Conditions

The present Terms of use are applicable throughout the IVA session during which the user utilizes the IVA functionality.

ING reserves the right to modify these Terms of use at any time. Users will be informed of such a modification on the ING Internet site.

The Terms of use applicable throughout the session during which the User utilizes IVA are, at any time, those which are posted on the ING Internet site at the moment the User accesses IVA.

The nullity of one or more provisions of the present Terms and Conditions shall have no effect on the validity, the extent and the enforceability of any remaining provisions of these Terms and Conditions.

The provisions of the present terms and conditions apply without prejudice to any mandatory legal or

regulatory provisions.

10.  Applicable rules and competent authority

These terms and conditions for use of IVA are subject to Belgian law.

Only the courts of the judicial district of Brussels are competent in the event of disputes, except in the

cases where the competent courts are determined by legal or regulatory provisions, of mandatory law

or public order.

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