Sign your ING documents electronically

The electronic signature: fast, easy and legally recognized

The electronic signature

It is possible for ING's private and professional customers to sign electronically.

An electronic (or digital) signature is the digital version of a handwritten signature. This electronic signature guarantees the content of a document and the identity of the signatory using a signing certificate.

The electronic signature avoids the use of paper and facilitates the exchange of documents.

Only in exceptional cases is ING still required to request a paper document with a handwritten signature.

The accepted electronic signatures

Only qualified electronic signatures have the same legal value as a handwritten signature and can be used for ING documents.

There are several trusted service providers established in Belgium which offer services for signing a document with a qualified electronic signature. These service providers are included on an official list (Trusted List).

Signing with your Belgian identity card

The signature with eID + PIN is an example of a qualified electronic signature.

With the Adobe Reader application you can sign with your identity card. To be able to create a signature and use it, you must have

  • your Belgian eID identity card
  • a card reader
  • PIN of your eID identity card

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