Turning towards Online solutions by disabling Home'Bank Offline.

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Home'Bank (Plus) Offline

Home’Bank (Plus) Offline is one of ING Belgium's very first e-banking applications. In the near future, this application will be progressively phased out, making way for online banking applications that are connected in real time.

How do I know that my access to Home’Bank (Plus) Offline will be soon be disabled and when?

You recently received a communication from ING informing you that your access to Home’Bank (Plus) Offline will be deactivated over the coming weeks. 

A similar message will also be displayed on your screen every time you access Home'Bank (Plus) Offline.

What are my alternatives?

  • Option 1: With Home'Bank Online or Business'Bank Online you can carry out all your online banking services free of charge and in complete security, wherever and whenever you wish.
  • Option 2: The ING Multi Mandate platform: a perfect alternative for anyone with a liberal or legal profession. Or when you manage several mandated accounts.

This new high-performance tool allows to :

  • organise your mandate accounts on a case-by-case basis;
  • prepare your payments;
  • categorise them;
  • add a document;
  • generate customised reports or graphs (journal, budget evolution, etc.)


For more information, please check our website: ING Multi Mandate

What will happen once my access to Home’Bank (Plus) Offline is deactivated?

As of the date communicated to you, you will no longer be able to manage your accounts using the Home’Bank (Plus) Offline application.

Nevertheless, even once your access to Home’Bank (Plus) Offline is deactivated, you can still consult the history of your transactions via Home’Bank (Plus) Offline, which are stored locally on your computer. 

Once your access to Home’Bank (Plus) Offline is deactivated, however, this information can no longer be used to execute new actions (such as processing new transactions) on your accounts.

What do I need to do before my Home’Bank (Plus) Offline access is deactivated?

If you use Home’Bank (Plus) Offline to manage your accounts, we strongly recommend that you sign up for the corresponding connected services: 

• Home’Bank Online, to access all your banking services online, free of charge via your computer

• Business'Bank Online, to manage your business accounts and other products anytime, anywhere, via the internet

• ING Smart Banking, the powerful, secure and easy-to-use mobile app.

Once you have access to our online banking services, we would also recommend that you transfer your Home’Bank (Plus) Offline beneficiaries to the online service.

How do I make sure my beneficiaries are still available via the online service?

You can transfer your beneficiaries to the online service via Home’Bank (Plus) Offline. Simply open the list of your Offline beneficiaries in the "Multitransfer" module, select the beneficiaries you want to make available online and then click the “Synchronization” button. Once completed, a symbol will be displayed next to each transferred beneficiary. In any case, make sure you transfer your beneficiaries before your access is deactivated!

Please follow these steps in Home'Bank (Plus) Offline to synchronize your beneficiaries :

  1. Click on Home'Bank in the top left corner (next to Security).
  2. In the sub-menu displayed, click on the "International Payments" line.
  3. In the window displayed in the middle of the screen, click on the 5th icon "list of international beneficiaries".
  4. Select ALL the beneficiaries by clicking on the first in the list and then "shift key + click on the last in the list to select all of them (if OK, the beneficiaries will be in blue) n.b: (the CTRL+A function does not work)
  5. Click on the Synchronization button in the middle of the action bar below the list of recipients.
  6. Select the line "To be sent On-Line".
  7. Make a to-do list as usual via the Home'Bank box (next to Security) in the top left corner, make sure that the box "send X international beneficiaries" in the first screen of the "task list" is checked.
  8. Login to the Business'Bank Online and check that your beneficiaries have been imported.
  9. Repeat steps 4-5-6 and in step 6 select the 2nd line "do not send" to avoid re-sending in the next "task list".