ING+ deals

Thanks to ING+ deals you can earn money on your purchases.

ING has negotiated exclusive deals with various great brands for its customers. ING+ deals follows the cashback principle: you pay the full amount and then get the discount as a refund. Go to your Smart Banking app and discover ING+ deals.

  • Attractive brands

    You can choose from a broad selection of discounts on everyday expenses. 

    New deals and new brands will be added regularly, so take a look from time to time!

  • Personalised deals

    Would you like to enjoy even more benefits? 

    Then choose for the personalised deals on top of the general discounts that are available to everyone

  • Online and/or in-store purchases

    Some deals are only valid online and others only in a real shop, but you can redeem many discounts both ways.

  • Simple repayment

    The discounts are calculated automatically and repaid into your chosen account usually in the month following your purchase. 

    You don’t have to provide any extra information or fill in any forms.

  • Why this service?

    At ING, our mission statement is: “Empowering people to stay ahead in life and in business.” 

    That’s why at ING, we are always on the lookout for new ways to help our customer to control their budget and to save money.

The ING+ deals in one minute

Choose ING+ deal

Choose for ING+ deals in the menu of the ING Smart Banking App. There you can activate one or more ING+ deals.

Pay total amount

Pay the full amount via your ING account, ING bank or credit card to enjoy the discount.

Receive refund

The discounts are calculated automatically and are refunded usually in the month following your purchase.