Confirm your identity easily and securely with this smartphone app

Thanks to the itsme app, you now have the choice between a card reader or your smartphone to log in and sign transactions in Home'Bank. As an extremely secure way of confirming your identity, itsme makes it easier than ever to access a whole range of online services.

  • Truly Mobile

    itsme lets you confirm your identity with your smartphone. So you can log in to Home'Bank and sign transactions wherever you want, without having to carry your card reader!

  • Easy to use

    Once you have itsme set up on your smartphone, all you have to do is enter your PIN or use your fingerprint to confirm your login and payment requests.

  • Extremely secure

    itsme uses the data on your electronic identity card (eID), smartphone SIM card and your actual smartphone to create a very secure and unique ID.

  • Beyond banking

    You can also use itsme to confirm your identity for other services as well: e.g. government services, webshops, etc. Find out more via itsme.be.

Install the app

Open itsme on your smartphone and follow the instructions

Download itsme
Connect to ING

You'll be taken to Home'Bank. Log in one last time with your bank card and card reader

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Start using itsme

Choose your 5-digit PIN via the itsme app and you're ready to log in and sign transactions

If you already installed itsme via a different provider, all you have to do is link it to ING. You can then use the itsme app to log in and sign transactions in Home’Bank. Click the button below and log in one last time with your card reader.